May 14, 2008

A small collection of umbrellas that are available to buy – those I like but can’t have for one reason or another.

This here gold and yellow number is made by Bella Umbrella who want $110 (what’s that, about £55?) plus shipping expenses.

Seems a little steep to me, but imagine how bright and sunny it’d make you feel in a downpour. It’s double layered and has a yellow wood hook handle – I dig umbrellas that make you feel like a lady. Even if you’re a fella.

If I had the next umbrella in my stand I’d never take it out.

This is because of the universal law of Trish. Anything white belonging to me will strive to place itself in the greatest danger from wine, coffee, oranges and particularly curries. It would stay white for approximately two weeks until a freak balti occurence would stain it forever.

That aside, it has a delicate shamrock pattern around the edges and comes from Pare Umbrella.

Finally, this floral one here is beautiful and cheap, but it’s out of stock.

Of course these umbrellas are all very lovely and desirable, but you just wait until I’ve got my umbrella company up and running. I’ll be starting the diary next week to show how I’m getting along. Any ideas, advice, constructive (I said constructive) criticism or cash that you can offer will be gratefully received.

As of course will your custom… watch this space.


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