May 27, 2008

On the European theme started earlier today, this is apparently how Europe does umbrellas. They’re all rather stylish and look well-made (the Chartres is added to my wishlist), and seem pretty usable for day-to-day umbrellaring.

All, that is, apart from this one, which probably does cover your back well but looks a bit daft…

and is sold very creatively

As the rain began to pour, Anya frowned, worrying about the evening ahead. Would the rain ruin her best gown? Just then, Paul appeared in the doorway, holding the Chapelle. She smiled. He really did think of everything.

If Paul appeared in my doorway holding the Chapelle I’d worry that he’d been standing against a radiator which melted half his brolly, and I’d tell him to go home and bring me a proper one before I put it somewhere uncomfortable.


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