June 12, 2008

Need to keep an unruly brolly confined to safe, sensible dimensions? Need to protect your lovely thin trousers from the threat of soggy marks? Kenn Hwang has taken a picture of this contraption which dispenses and attaches plastic sheaths for your umbrella. No matter how only-vaguely-useful it is, I want one now. You slip the brolly in the hole, something happens and it emerges contained and pristine. Marvellous.



  1. That’s interesting but is it called a brellabag? I invented a product called a brella bag and have a trademark on the name.

  2. Nope. Sorry, as you can see all of my posts are called somethingbrella: Solarbrella, Lightbrella etc. This isn’t a brella so I put it the other way round.

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