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March 26, 2009

A couple of unusual sites for the umbrella enthusiast…

This site, subtitled “An Appreciation of the Mundane: Discarded Umbrellas Left to Die Lonely Umbrella Deaths” does exactly what it says on the tin.

I suppose it’s appropriate to follow that with Ai Ai Gasa who make jackets, shirts and dresses out of discarded umbrellas. While the one above is a little Bill&Ted future for my tastes (but not for many people I know – the word is being spread) the skirts they do are lovely and ruffly and, of course, waterproof. Which makes them the perfect items to go with and under the umbrellas that will one day become them. If you see what I mean.


Umbrella image of the week

March 4, 2009

Okay, I’m not sure it’s been a week but I’ve found another great blog post about umbrella art installations. Sounds like the way to go for the brolly dilletante. I absolutely adore the light cast by these hanging umbrellas from this guy’s flickr page.


Umbrella image of the week

February 27, 2009

This blog is amazing. It charts the progress of an art show for which every artist designs an umbrella of their choice. Here are two of my favourite pictures.




January 28, 2009

Yet another umbrella blog proves that there are more umbrella fans coming out of the woodwork…
from t'other blog

This one is run by Canadian umbrella makers Cheeky and concentrates on finding humour in the rain. They’ve got some nice designs too… pretty, funky and flowery. Got to love the brolly world.



January 16, 2009

Someone else has an umbrella blog! Flipping ace. Umbrella enthusiasts of the world – unite and take cover.



November 26, 2008

Sorry again for the woeful posting on this thing. Ariana sent me a link to this blog post from last year which I thought you’d enjoy.

“Brahms, for all his grumbling and grizzling, had never guessed what it felt like to be suspected of stealing an umbrella. For this fool of a young man thought that she and Helen and Tibby had been playing the confidence trick on him, and that if he gave his address they would break into his rooms some midnight or other and steal his walkingstick too.”
E.M. Forster, Howards End

The lovely writer also posted this picture of the queen.

Can’t fault her on accessories, the Queen.



May 29, 2008

This gorgeous installation by Karuski features the kinds of umbrellas I’d like to make. I’m not sure how waterproof they are but I’d still carry one in a downpour – the warm glow of happiness surrounding me would dry me off in seconds.