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The latestbrella

March 19, 2009

It’s all photos and updates these days, isn’t it? Well, I’ve been busy and hot damn is it sunny out there – I’m distracted from my rainwear by the blistering heat… I’m thinking of heading back to the beach as soon as I’ve told you about the latest in the umbrella world.

First of all the new Channel 4 sculpture which was made from 2000 umbrellas (none of them mine, sadly) by artist Stephanie Imbeau. Pretty bloody lovely. Umbrella art is clearly a fashion set to stick around a little while longer. 

This guy got fed up of umbrella bargers and stabbers and invented his own wee faux-weaponry to make pretending to shoot them a little more authentic. Pnow! Zap! Kping!

And in my own news an Um… umbrella is set to feature in the April edition of oh-so-hip and oh-so-funky 247 magazine, which is distributed all across the South West and is pretty damn wonderful. I shall of course post a link when this happens.