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Under the weather

July 14, 2009

I may have mentioned this umbrella before but it suits this bad mood day perfectly 

It was designed by Joonsoo Kim, and is carried around in a stick form through which the cloud part is inflated when the rain starts to fall. Perhaps this is what Crowded House were singing about when they said you were always taking the weather with you. 

That suits my mood, but the really angry rainwear enthusiast has got to go for this baby…


The latestbrella

February 27, 2009

Big lovely things happening in the world of umbrellas of late. First of all there is this innovation from local (well, studying over the Simpsons-like three-eyed fish waters of the Tamar in Plymouth) designer Becky Barber which generates electricity by using a recently developed material called Nanosolar when opened. This then powers a nifty little light.

Then there’s this baby to which Chris sent me a link. Yep, it’s a samurai style umbrella. That’s pretty much all the explanation you need.

and in my own little umbrella fantasy world I am pleased to say that materials are being gathered for my Nifty range of individually decorated umbrellas. Ribbons, check. Buttons, check. Waterproof fabric paints… not there yet. Any recommendations?



June 11, 2008

Another day, another idea done better by someone else before me. These umbrellas are from a great range at Bright-Night, who have put a little light inside the canopy which illuminates the water-inspired designs. I’d love to see a crowd of them walking down a dark street, it would maximise the impact of the gorgeous shape that is the umbrella.



June 11, 2008

I wish there was an image available of this umbrella actually being worn. It seems like a great idea, but is it less twatty-looking than its counterparts here and here? Use your imagination…



May 27, 2008

You’re walking down a dark and rainy street when your umbrella glows red and then pulses blue. Within seconds you’re chatting via bluetooth with another umbrella holder in the viscinity. It’s a project that Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki put together in 2004 while investigating clothing and accessories as the active conduit through which people create network relationships in public space.

Brucker-Cohen’s website it very interesting, but my google doesn’t throw up much about Moriwaki since 2006. However the project was featured at this year’s SOS 4.8 International Event on Sustainability Art, so hopefully we could hear more about it soon.



May 20, 2008

Here are a couple of amazing looking umbrellas that I’ve found on blogs but can’t locate elsewhere on the net…

from Ankur Khangaonkar

from Brian Micklethwait



May 15, 2008

Of Trendhunter’s top 8 umbrellas from May last year most have already been mentioned here. However, these are a few that got away (and are great)…

The Senz aerodynamic umbrella will not invert, and is windproof up to wind force 10. It was invented because of frustration with conventional umbrellas.

The Bumpbrella from RKS design (check out their whole website, you’ll be amazed) stops you from poking other people’s eyes out with your spokes. And it’s gorgeous! I wonder how it folds, if it does at all.

And the My-Day electronic paper umbrella (on to which any picture can be projected) looks unreal, and may well be as I can’t find a site featuring anything but the concept and these exciting photos…

Ken asked me for a boob umbrella yesterday. This thing would be perfect for projecting all manner of smut into the hemisphere above you.