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Darth Brella

May 20, 2008

What’s that? Is it the muffled rattle of Tricia shaking with jealous excitement again? Following on from the lovely Jedi umbrellas I featured here, I have now seen the dark side equivalent.

Sadly the amazon and ebay link don’t bring up any results, so for now interested shoppers will just have to gaffa tape a brolly to your existing Sith lightsabre like the rest of us.



May 9, 2008

Another umbrella that makes me want to cry. They made a gorgeous LED umbrella when I thought I was going to invent that myself (it’s okay, I have plenty of inventions left). And if looking like a replicant isn’t cool enough, this one makes you look like a Jedi.

Look at it! Just look at it! I may pass out from excessive geeklove.