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June 9, 2008

The finest umbrellas I have ever seen can be found here.

It’s just this sort of gorgeous, funky, punky, loopy design that I aspire to create. With illustrations by Evgeny Kiselev (look at the blog, just look at it) and a fantastic printing process unrestricted by the usual triangle-by-triangle layout, this beats everything forever.



May 29, 2008

This gorgeous installation by Karuski features the kinds of umbrellas I’d like to make. I’m not sure how waterproof they are but I’d still carry one in a downpour – the warm glow of happiness surrounding me would dry me off in seconds.



May 15, 2008

Of Trendhunter’s top 8 umbrellas from May last year most have already been mentioned here. However, these are a few that got away (and are great)…

The Senz aerodynamic umbrella will not invert, and is windproof up to wind force 10. It was invented because of frustration with conventional umbrellas.

The Bumpbrella from RKS design (check out their whole website, you’ll be amazed) stops you from poking other people’s eyes out with your spokes. And it’s gorgeous! I wonder how it folds, if it does at all.

And the My-Day electronic paper umbrella (on to which any picture can be projected) looks unreal, and may well be as I can’t find a site featuring anything but the concept and these exciting photos…

Ken asked me for a boob umbrella yesterday. This thing would be perfect for projecting all manner of smut into the hemisphere above you.



May 12, 2008

Why has nobody told me about Yanko design before?

This umbrella by Hironao Tsuboi is self-standing in a sort-of-cute, sort-of-sophisticated way.

Look at these rayt good umbrella lights by Steven Haulenbeek.

This umbrella by Seung Hee Son turns into a nifty little bag in a way which I would have thought quite impossible until I saw the pictures (I’m still not sure I entirely understand).

I can’t honestly say I understand what’s going on with this one. There are seeds in the handle.

Expect to see heaps more stuff from that site on here because I love it.



May 9, 2008

Another umbrella that makes me want to cry. They made a gorgeous LED umbrella when I thought I was going to invent that myself (it’s okay, I have plenty of inventions left). And if looking like a replicant isn’t cool enough, this one makes you look like a Jedi.

Look at it! Just look at it! I may pass out from excessive geeklove.