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May 13, 2008

Found whilst idly browsing Gizmodo (what did I say?), this Pileus umbrella is just a prototype at the moment but when it comes out will have a projector in its handle that shines photos or video onto the canopy. And I start thinking that I might as well go out of business before I’ve started – who can compete with that?

Then I see this! It’s going to have the internet in there too. Oh, and a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS and a digital compass. Flickr photos will project out to the world. Directions will be given. Geeks will faint in the street (providing it’s dark and they can see its full spleandour).

It’s lovely, it’s wonderful, it’s making me very jealous. But at least I can console myself now that it is way way out of my league.