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May 12, 2008

I’m done with being amazed today. But this looks pretty cool.

Would you buy it though? Would you really? I’m more likely to buy some raspberry seeds and grow a hedge that I can just throw the thing in. And I, like this man, suspect that it won’t actually do much:

Comment: This stand is exactly that sort of thing. What the hell is “umbrella run off” anyway? I don’t know what your umbrellas are made out of, but there is no appreciable amount of water left on an umbrella around my house once you give it a little shake before coming inside. It certainly isn’t dripping wet to the extent that it will keep a plant alive. Not even if it rained every day. The only thing worse than a concept that is thought up by people too detached with the real world to see the obvious flaws is the fact that Gizmodo seems all too willing to pass them on without an inkling of incredulity.

Eek. Still, after Yanko I’m making Gizmodo my secondary centre for internet umbrella brilliance. A whole new sector of the web is opening up…